Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy X-core

I have been listening to's premium station for 4 and a half hours now! The music never gets old and it never repeats a song. Signing up for the premium account is definitely worth the money if you love yourself some happy upbeat music you can dance to. No matter what mood your in this radio station will cheer you up! Give it a shot


Today i was told by a friend to give the song Marijuana by I-doser a listen to, and let me tell you it was crazy! The song doesn't have too much to it but it will still put you in a trance. That link will guide you to where you can purchase this amazing song. For four bucks and some chump change it beats actually smoking weed and getting in trouble. There are more songs and they are made to induce what the song title is. Just give it a try and support these creative pioneers.

This site is all about supporting those bands that work 10 times harder than the shoe-ins you hear on your local radio station.

We need to support these bands financially and keep them making that noise that you listen to on a daily basis.