Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If your into the screamo, indie,  metal, techno, or punk check out Purevolume, it's definitely a great site to find new bands and even some good local bands from your area. type in your favorite bands, find a bunch of other good bands nuff said


Whether or not your into dubstep this will blow your mind, it's a blast to the past. ------->the SECRET

Counting Crows-Mr. Jones

Alright so counting crows is before my time but i think they should just be given a shout out for their amazing music. They were popular for a while but they died off quick and i think it's a shame. Mr. jones is an odd song considering it's allegedly about his male anatomy :S

Steppa-Flux Pavilion

The best of the dubstep i've heard so far. I listen to it a lot in my car with subs and this song just takes me away man! Give it it a listen

I've updated the site with a superb radio from The site has even more genres of music but i just chose three of my favorite types. Check out the radio on my website and you'll notice it's worth going to their site!

Asking Alexandria

This band is seriously amazing! I've gotten goosebumps from like 3 of their songs. Check um out and download some of their songs and support them.

Just click the play button