Friday, October 22, 2010

Dj Cotts-Long mix

This mix he did is a couple seconds shy of 40 minutes but it has somehow managed to keep up with my Pierce The Veil play count on itunes.  "Bulletproof love" and this mix are tied at 90 plays. I thought this would be a worth mentioning mix on its own.  Smoke a left handed cigarette and enjoy some of these intensely happy tunes!

BrokenCYDE-Booty call ft. E-40

Brokencyde is a band you would either love or hate to put on your ipod.  Their tracks don't take a lot of talent to produce but they definitely take the cake in this genre.  I, myself, love brokencyde because of their flawless attempt to bring E-40 into a music video full of scene kids, and their music just makes you feel ruthless.

These Silhouettes-I Hate The Way You Move

This song is 1/4 the length of most songs nowadays and I still think it packs more of a punch than any song you hear on the radio. There are radio stations that play good music don't get me wrong, it's just that the one's that play the hit singles all the time that bug me. Give it a listen it only takes a minute literally.

Alright, not music but the best i could come up with at work is simple but it's made to be simple. Save this as a bookmark for when your missing some or if your a limewire user all of your album art covers. Change that picture of hanah montana on your emmure album you downloaded from limewire to what emmure took their time on to make. It's easy to use and worked for some very local bands i know, and gave me the right picture.


This is just a post to thank all of my 27 followers for the start up support! I'll be surfing for some good music sites while at work :P